I decided to find old photos of Almaty in the Internet  and shot them from the same point where they were taken. In order to be able to clearly see what was then and what’s today. It is interesting to know what I can discover at the end of this project about the city changes.

I will try to continuously update this project with new pictures of Almaty city. Enjoy and explore the city changes!

1.Alma-Ata hotel 1980.

2. Trolleybus ZiU-682B-012 № 1242 on the Lenin’s avenue. 90s. Route number 4 – no longer exists now .

3. The building of the executive committee of the City Council of People’s Deputies. Photo by B. Podgorny. 

4. On the corner of today’s streets of Gogol and Abylaikhan was one of the major backery stores. Photo Vladislav Elagin.

5. Communisticheskiy (Abylayhan ave.) – Gogol, “Raduga” store, 1990.

6.Central Department Store, 1975.

7. Three Bogatyrs buildings, 1982.

8. Abay national theatre and opera house. The theater has not changed neither the name nor the facade since. Photo was made approximately in 1957. Author: Semyon Osipovich Friedland.

9. Timiryazev Street. Trolley ZiU-5D number 179 is on the left. 1975.

10. Communist ave. (Abylayhan ave.) 1975. Hotel “Kazakhstan”. Now it is a “Zhetysu” hotel. The name changed in Soviet times, when built the present hotel “Kazakhstan” – practically the main symbol of our city.

11. Republican Palace of Pioneers. Did find when the original photos was made. I suppose it’s 80th.

12. Palace of. V.I. Lenin. Alma-Ata, 1983. (today the Republic palace)

13. General Post Office (1934) The post office in Alma-Ata  city was built in the style of constructivism. Arch. Georgi Gerasimov (1897 – 1972).

14. “Arasan” Bathhouses . 1982

15. Gorky Street (Zhibek Zholy),  “Kyzyl Tan” fabrics store. 1955.

16. Residential building on the corner of Kalinin str. and Furmanov. 1955.

17. Golovizin’s house the shoe repairers owner, in the the Verny city. it was built in 1908. According to some sources, Leonid Brezhnev was lived in this house in short time when he led the Kazakh SSR. The house is located at the corner of Furmanov – Kurmangazy. The building is protected by the goverment.

18. “Otrar” Hotel. Approximately at 80th.

19. Kazakhstan cinema, Seifullin prospect 1959

20. Abay avanue, bridge over the Vesnovka river. 1971.

21. “Sary-Arka” cinema. It was built on the Pravda (Altynsarin) street.  in 1966. The building was completely reconstructed in 2014. You can see that on the right photo nothing is left from the old building.

22. K.Baiseitova street. Photo by B. Podgorny. 1982.

23. “Baikonur” cinema in 1980.

24. The Almaty-1 Train Station, Rikhard Zorge street. Approximately 80th.

25. Sholokhov Street – 1980.

26. In 1971, the street ended at Seifullin Prospekt Abaya. Now the Seifullin prospect passes to Al-Farabi Avenue.

27. The glass building, “Children’s World” attracted attention from afar.

28. Government House in the winter. The photo shows that in 90th children raced there on a sledge.

29. The building at crossing of the prospect Communist and Sovetskaya str. in 70th.

30. Government House at the old square in 1967. Photo by: Vladislav Elagin.

31. Abay Avenue 1995-97th.


32. Central Stadium 1973 г.

33. Alma-Ata. Square L.I. Brezhnev –  1983.